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It’s been a while, but, we have been busy! We’ve recorded 19 new songs that will be released via Rebel Time Records in 2018.

First up will be a 7″ EP in the spring, followed by a full-length.

Here’s a couple of new songs!

White noise
In stereo sound
Nothing sounds worse
Need to turn it down
Turn it down

Feeble minds cling to misguided fears
Forcing their nonsense
Into naïve ears
Turn it down

Mouth full of hate
Head full of shit
Bigots pandering to idiots
Turn it down

Your out of touch
Get with the times
Turn it around
And leave your hate behind
Turn it down


Fighting for equality
Struggling for an opportunity
Violence and oppression
Can’t stop her liberation

Stereotypes of sexuality
Leading to misogyny
Now has come the time
Stop believing all the lies
See her eye to eye
While she’s holding up half the sky

Time to be heard above the noise
Time for men to lend a voice
Stand and fight for equal rights
It’s your body – it’s your choice

Gender bias in the justice system
Placing blame upon the victim
We all know who’s at fault
For the harassment and assaults

Prisoners in an economic cage
Equal work means an equal wage
Now has come the time
Stop believing all the lies
See her eye to eye
While she’s holding up half the sky

It’s time we all gave a fuck
Support your local Janey Canuck


hamilton – sunday, march 19th

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The Fallout played a great show with Red Alert, The Strike, La Gachette and Barbed Wire Braces in Hamilton on Sunday, March 19th, here’s some video from the show. Thanks to Duane Timber for the video!


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June 19th, Hamilton, all-ages Punk Rock Matinee at This Ain’t Hollywood

With Curasbun (antifascist streetpunk all the way from Chile), Shotcallers (Montreal streetpunk featuring members of Jeunesse Apatride, La Gachette, Buddha Bulldozer, Scab Coma, Subsistance and Hold A Grudge) and Hamilton Defense Army (featuring members of The Strike, Steeltown Spoilers and Adellada).

Facebook Event Page


shows / news

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Looks like we will be playing these two shows in July! Friday, July 29th at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton and Saturday, July 30th at Coalition in Toronto.

Stay tuned for more info…

And, while you’re at it, check out the Rebel time Records blog for more info on the bands playing these shows…

As well, we’re currently recording a cover of The Rebel Spell song “Fight For The Sun” which will be on an upcoming Todd Serious/The Rebel Spell tribute compilation.



new song – pick yourself up

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Some new songs in the works and some recording happening in February 2015.

Here’s a new one, Pick Yourself Up. From our show in Hamilton on November 9th, 2014.


november 2014 shows

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We’re playing three shows in November…

Kitchener-Waterloo: Friday, November 7th @ The Outpost, with The Rebel Spell, Brutal Youth and Expect Resistance

Toronto: Saturday, November 8th @ The Bovine Sex Club with The Rebel Spell, Brutal Youth and Katatonix

Hamilton: Sunday, November 9th @ This Ain’t Hollywood with The Rebel Spell, The Class Assassins, Brutal Youth and Come Out Swinging

More info on all the shows can be found at the following links:

Kitchener-Waterloo Show
Toronto Show
Hamilton Show


Check Out Our Albums!

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Just a note that all our albums are now available on our Bandcamp page, and also here on the blog…just click on the “music” link just to your right on this blog…