hamilton – sunday, march 19th

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The Fallout played a great show with Red Alert, The Strike, La Gachette and Barbed Wire Braces in Hamilton on Sunday, March 19th, here’s some video from the show. Thanks to Duane Timber for the video!



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June 19th, Hamilton, all-ages Punk Rock Matinee at This Ain’t Hollywood

With Curasbun (antifascist streetpunk all the way from Chile), Shotcallers (Montreal streetpunk featuring members of Jeunesse Apatride, La Gachette, Buddha Bulldozer, Scab Coma, Subsistance and Hold A Grudge) and Hamilton Defense Army (featuring members of The Strike, Steeltown Spoilers and Adellada).

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shows / news

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Looks like we will be playing these two shows in July! Friday, July 29th at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton and Saturday, July 30th at Coalition in Toronto.

Stay tuned for more info…

And, while you’re at it, check out the Rebel time Records blog for more info on the bands playing these shows…

As well, we’re currently recording a cover of The Rebel Spell song “Fight For The Sun” which will be on an upcoming Todd Serious/The Rebel Spell tribute compilation.



new song – pick yourself up

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Some new songs in the works and some recording happening in February 2015.

Here’s a new one, Pick Yourself Up. From our show in Hamilton on November 9th, 2014.


november 2014 shows

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We’re playing three shows in November…

Kitchener-Waterloo: Friday, November 7th @ The Outpost, with The Rebel Spell, Brutal Youth and Expect Resistance

Toronto: Saturday, November 8th @ The Bovine Sex Club with The Rebel Spell, Brutal Youth and Katatonix

Hamilton: Sunday, November 9th @ This Ain’t Hollywood with The Rebel Spell, The Class Assassins, Brutal Youth and Come Out Swinging

More info on all the shows can be found at the following links:

Kitchener-Waterloo Show
Toronto Show
Hamilton Show


Check Out Our Albums!

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Just a note that all our albums are now available on our Bandcamp page, and also here on the blog…just click on the “music” link just to your right on this blog…

Turning Point CD

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Also back in 2006, we released a 7 song CD with covers of some of our favourite local punk bands. Here’s the songs, along with the liner notes. Enjoy!

Liner Notes:

For those old enough to remember, the Turning Point was a club on Bloor Street in Toronto that was among the few to book punk bands in the late 70’s and 80’s. Better still, the owner, Joe. didn’t check too vigorously for proof of age ID. Most local bands got their first club date thanks to Joe. While there were organized efforts like Start Dancing that actively staged all ages shows, the aptly named Turning Point became the foundation of the Toronto punk and independent music scene.

Many of the bands that were the mainstay of the local scene did not get a lot of records released. Memories have faded and little remains to remind folks today of the trails blazed by these early punk rock pioneers. Fortunately, through the efforts of everyone at http://www.punkhistorycanada. there is a growing interest in the glory days of regional punk scenes. The Fallout have recorded this selection of covers, a random walk, if you will, through this early period. The 7 tracks on this CD are just a sampling of great Canadian punk music, that, as far as I am aware, are not currently re-issued on CD. These tracks are by no means definitive, just some favourites from my very incomplete collection. Perhaps we don’t do the original songs justice, but, hell, it’s punk rock, so FUCK YOU!

The first track is by The Young Lions, arguably Canada’s greatest punk band to never have a record released while they were together. there were a couple of cassettes, but that never did justice to the ferociousness of their live shows. The Clash had nothing on these guys, absofuckinglutely nothing.

Of course, what punk record is complete without some hypocritical self-promotion? Not this one, that’s for sure. The second track ‘Punk Is Dead’ is a great tune that I was privileged to play in Nobody’s Heroes (no, not that Nobody’s Heroes). Our singer, Brian Catlos, brought the song from his previous band because he thought it was cool. He was right. Who actually wrote the song, I don’t know.

Next is the rockin’ ‘Bomb Boys’ from UIC’s 1st album ‘Our Garage.” I had the pleasure of playing a number of gigs with these guys back in the very dead ’80s. Very cool rockers that knew how to blast it out.

The Viletones need no introduction. They made punk the very danger to society that upset our uptight conservative parents. ‘Backdoor To hell’ is from their EP ‘Look Back In Anger’ that was poorly produced by Roger Mayne of 60s’ ‘Ugly Ducklings’ fame. Proof that you shouldn’t some old hippie press the record button.

Youth Youth Youth was possibly Toronto’s earliest 80’s hardcore band. Brian and Rob were highly politicized and very active producing their fanzine “Civil Disobedience.” They worked hard and toured with The Young Lions a lot. They had an EP on Fringe Products, but this track “Apathy” is from their earlier cassette release.

The Allies remain mostly an unknown band to me. I’ve always loved the immediate energy of this song and the completely spastic guitar solo that I can never pull off. Recently I found that the founding member is currently selling copies of the original single for $75 on his website. Stupid prick.

The Red Squares were an art-pop band from Ottawa(?). This is a great example of how the early scene wasn’t divided by hard drawn stylistic lines. Punk was in the early stages of being stillborn and independent music was much more ambitious that today. The sample at the end is from the actual 45.

So I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as we’ve had recording them. And if we didn’t pick something that you think should’ve been on a compilation like this, don’t piss yourself, it’s probably because we couldn’t learn it as we’re not very bright.

Peace, Love and Anarchy,

All songs/lyrics (C) the respective artists. Recorded and released by The Fallout (Byron, Bob and Jeremy) sometime in 2006