Attacco Tour / Fall Offensive 2019

Very happy to be part of the Attacco Tour / Fall Offensive 2019! Excited to be playing with our label-mates Urban Vietcong (all the way from Livorno, Italy) and our good friends Lee Reed and Bring The War Home!



Out Now – Dismantlement (Still)

Originally released on Insurgence Records in 2007, here’s the brand new, re-mixed, re-mastered and slightly re-named version! Brought to you this time around by The Fallout, Red Menace Records and Rebel Time Records.

Available as a free / pay-what-you-like download.

A few reviews of the original release:

The Fallout – Dismantlement
Another gem of a release from Insurgence, this time from Canada’s The Fallout who provide you with upbeat, punk-as-fuck, politically charged music. The Fallout’s sound reminds me a lot of early bands such as The Clash and Stiff Little Fingers, but without copying ‘em, as they do have their own distinctive sound…and it’s catchy rebel-rousing stuff! They’re socially aware and the lyrics go straight to the point of the matter. This is a thefalloutkate1great listen and I would advise one and all to check it out…pronto! (Oi! Warning, Number 6)

The Fallout – Dismantlement
These politically-aware Canadians have a mind for intelligent insight and an ear for a wickedly catchy tune. There’s much about this band that reminds me of the early efforts of Stiff Little Fingers, but brought right up-to-date. It’s familiar, like my favourite underwear, but it’s fresh (insert punchline here). The Fallout make you wanna get up, dance and then go and do nasty but well-deserved things to animal abusers / fascists / cops while happily humming one of their delightful ditties. (Old Punks Never Die)

The Fallout – Dismantlement
This is the first time I’ve sat down and really listened to this band and what I hear I really like. ‘Dismantlement’ contains 13 politically charged songs that will have you pogoing around your room as soon as your hear the first number ‘Compassion Over falloutkate3Killing’. From then on this album just comes at you like a smack in the face with a baseall bat. Yep this band takes no prisoners and with terrific songs like ‘Riot Boys’, ‘Meat Market’, ‘Change The World Today’ and ‘The End Of The War Years’ I promise you’ll be won over. If only more politically aware bands were this good then maybe this world wouldn’t be in such a mess. This is Punk Rock at it’s best and not only do you get a superb album you get a a top production too. The Fallout Rock – It’s as simple as that! 9.5/10 (Street Voice)

Fallout, “Dismantlement” CD
The FALLOUT remind me a lot of the CLASH. They write these great songs that have loads of urgency and are politically motivated. And although the band doesn’t sound like a CLASH knock off they do incorporate some CLASH signatures. Like the drum rolls in “Compassion Over Killing” that remind me of “Clash City Rockers”. One of the underlying themes to “Dismantlement” is the politics of food. The other would be revolution or change. With regards to food the band writes a great first hand account of the injustices of agrarian migrant work in “Leaving Ontario”. It reminds me “Grapes of Wrath” and Woody Guthrie wrapped up into one. “Compassion over Killing” talks about our complicity in a system that markets the by products of torture and death. And “Meat Market” is a song about that suggests a change in diet based on the various practises of food production with a line like “it’s time for the whole world to be fed.” So true. As for the revolution side of the theme “Peace, Love and Anarchy” lay the blueprints for revolution. “Change the World thefalloutkate2Today” is a personal call to make a difference. And “Fighting for the Lost Cause” is about defending the underdog which is something that SLF expressed on a more recent album. The two themes intersect on a song like “Bread and Freedom”. But the band also calls an end to war in “The End of the War Years”. The FALLOUT have the ability to dream big while pointing out injustices in our backyard. Just like the CLASH wrote about the poisoning of the Thames River with nuclear effluence in “London Calling” the FALLOUT sing about the escalation of gun violence in various neighbourhoods throughout Toronto pointing to American emulation. And the band does a flattering tribute to the radio show in “Radio Fallout”. But like all FALLOUT songs the local examples, like a local punk show become demonstrations for potential solutions like the development of community media. I have to confess that I blush every time I hear the song. Thanks for the recognition. Overall I get a very intelligent analysis of the world after listening to the FALLOUT release. “Dismantlement” has elements of John Steinbeck and Howard Zinn poured into a punk format. Reasoned thought through level headed observations of an unbalanced system. It doens’t hurt that the FALLOUT write catchy and zippy tunes to go with these observations. Musically they remind me INFA RIOT meets the CLASH meets the JAM with an ANGELIC UPSTARTS kind of street smarts. A flawless release. (Insurgence Records / 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100 –

Q&A February 2019

From the Rebel Time Records website.

falloutbiglogo-1.gifFor those who might not be familiar with the band, what is The Fallout all about?

The fallout is a 3 piece punk rock band. We are influenced by old school bands like The Clash, The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers. We typically play songs that have something to say, very quickly. We are probably a cross between Anti-Flag and The Queers.falloutgroup2

What’s the band been up to … I know there are new members, new release(s) … give us an update.

After some time off, we have returned with a new bass player. We are lord Byron – guitar, Patty O’Lantern – bass, Dr Bob – drums. Patty also plays in Brutal Youth and Dragged In. We just released a 4-song 7-inch and look forward to releasing a full length some time this year.

You’ve been slowly remixing some of the previous releases, how and why did that all come about.

We are getting our older CD’s ready for the streaming platforms. Dusting them off and FALLOUT POSTER 2 - WEB-01 (1)giving them a fresh polish. Hopefully there are fans who will enjoy them.

[ … as of October 2018, 2004’s ‘Turning Revolution Into Money’ has been remixed / remastered / released as “Still Turning Revolution Into Money.” And 2005’s ‘What Is Past Is Prologue’ has just been remixed / remastered / released as “What Is Past Is (Still) Prologue.” Both are now up on The Fallout’s bandcamp page  and are free  / pay-what-you-can downloads… ]

The band focuses somewhat on Canadian issues … songs like ‘Leaving Ontario’ which is about migrant workers, for example, and, you’ve said: “ as much as we can, we deal with issues that we can actually act on in our communities. International issues are important, but it’s just too easy to point out someone else’s mistakes while ignoring our own.” Any particular Canadian issues getting your dander up these days?

Our new songs will cover familiar topics. We have songs about respect for women – ‘Holding up Half  The Sky,’ and rants about the government such as ‘Failure of Character.’ Don’t worry, we’re still behind the times, ‘Failure Of Character’ was written about Stephen Harper.

 You’ve got a new 4-song 7-inch out now “Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems” … how about a bit of a run-through of what the tunes are about?

‘Red Light Union’ and ‘Wage Slave’ were written by Patty. A song about the rights of sex trade workers and a rant about working and living in Toronto.

‘Walk in the Sun’ is an old song written by Paul.

‘Raise Your Flag is a song I wrote about gay rights as a conversation with my daughter.

From previous conversations, I know you read a lot and work what you’ve read into your lyrics. Any good books on the go? Any recommended reads?I recently finished ‘The Case Against The Case For Christ’ by Bob price. A rebuttal of Lee Strobel’s book ‘The Case For Christ’. I think the time has come for honest conversations regarding books of faith. I don’t have much patience for evangelical apologists.

Raise Your Flag


… title track from our new 4-song 7-inch out now on Rebel Time Records …

… Toronto Pride Parade … 1973 …


Raise your flag, Raise it high
Let them look you in the eye
Side by side
Show your pride
Wave your flag, wave your flag
Raise your flag, Raise it high
And when they look you in the eye
Wave your flag, wave your flag, wave your flag

Double standards of the hypocrites
They condescend as you bite your lip
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
You don’t have to take that shit

On the horizon is a new frontier
If you feel alone or you’re getting scared
With all your spirit
And all your soul
You know there is nothing to fear

Sing if you’re glad to be gay

Homophobes are just a dying breed
As they cling to an illegitimate creed
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
They offer nothing that you can believe

All their hate they never take a rest
Stunning ignorance takes away your breath
With all your spirit
And all your soul

Resolve that you’ll never forget

To sing if you’re happy that way.

Wage Slave


… from the “Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems” 7″ out now on Rebel Time Records …

Wage! Slave!

I’m getting hungry and they’re raising my rent
I got my paycheque but it’s already spent
My hands are tied because they’re clocking my time
Selling my life away for nickels and dimes

I’m a wage slave
Nothing more
Wage slave
Working poor

Wage! Slave!

From bull to bear the economy’s crashed
That’s why they can’t pay us any more cash
Hard to get by on this minimum w

Featured On Alternative Toronto

From the Rebel Time Records website:

Alternative Toronto is a very cool multi-media website . It’s “a digital community archive of Toronto’s alternative cultures, scenes and spaces of the 1980s and 1990s.”  Take a run through it if you get a chance. It’s always being updated…

There is all kinds of  amazing political documentation up on the site and one of the members of the Rebel Time Records Collective has contributed some of the material that made up the 206 Carlton: Resisting Zundel exhibt. ( check out the Arm The Spirit Collection to see all of his contributions so far )

The site aims “to document the history of Toronto’s alternative communities from 1980 to 1998 by creating a digital repository to which anyone with materials can contribute.”

The site covers radical, counter-cultural, anti-racist and trans*/feminist/queer activism, art, music, theatre, dance, publishing, book-selling, cinema, education, health care, computing, housing, and more.

As part of the Toronto’s Days Of Action exhibit, the curators of the site have posted The Fallout’s song “Pie In The Sky.” The song is about then Premier of Ontario Mike Harris and is on the “What Is Past Is (Still) Prologue” album. The album is available as a free / pay-what-you-want download from the band’s Bandcamp page.

As the site says:

“Between 1995 and 1998, a broad coalition of grassroots activists and labour unions from across Ontario organized a series of protests to fight back against Conservative Premier Mike Harris and his “Common Sense Revolution.” Collectively known as the Days of Action, this historic movement included early demonstrations by feminist, LGBTQ2+ and disability rights activists who led the Embarrass Harris coalition, and a continuing alliance betwen the groups the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and Anti-Racist Action.”

you always look so confused
standing under the light
you stutter and you stammer and use fucked up grammar
but you always get a good sound bite
you used to be coated in Teflon
but now that Teflon’s wearing thin
you slide to the edge but you always manage
to get out of the shit you’re in

when you lie lie lie
makes me wonder why
we always buy buy buy
that same old pie in the sky

I can see through your eyes into the back of your head
there’s nothing there but all the stale air and bullshit we’re being fed
and so the truth lays dormant
buried under years of deceit
as you privatize and demonize
you tell us it’s what we need

it’s a bad time to be sick it’s a bad time to be poor
tax cuts for the rich, pepper spray for the kids
and bullets for Dudley George
and so the truth lays dormant
buried under years of deceit
as you privatize and demonize
you tell us it’s what we need